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Casilda "Cass" | means dwelling place | haunt♀


  • role: dreamer
  • age: 17
  • birthday: August 1
  • mental: observant, blunt, good sense of humor
  • physical: average height, chubby, warm skin, long thick black hair, brown eyes, second generation Mexican immigrant
  • height: 5'2
  • style: feminine, lacy, colorful
  • residence: a studio apartment in a college town
  • likes: word games, the sound of rain against the window, how the oven warms the whole room
  • dislikes: early mornings, inconsistent rules, when people take too long to explain things


Cass has nightmares, so she avoids sleeping altogether.

Parasomnia, a short story about Cass


Cass is always draped in lace and other delicate fabrics in vibrant assorted colors. Her black hair is kept femininely long and has natural highlights of brown and caramel.