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Miriam "Angel" Newman | means drop of the sea | weaponmaster♀


  • role: student
  • age: teens
  • birthday: March 18
  • mental: smart but ditzy and shallow, friendly
  • physical: tall, mature for her age, pale, blonde waves, bright green eyes
  • height: 5'7
  • style: rainbows, sweaters, crop tops, denim, everyday cosplay
  • residence: Mom's house with her brother in Lucrest, Nickajack
  • likes: standing up for friends, automating the boring stuff, cheesy shoujo
  • dislikes: going against her parents, being left out, cynical attitudes
  • notes: freckles, glasses with thin silver oval frames


She's not as disciplined as her twin brother Aries, but she has more natural talent. She's been awarded two best-in-state titles for her swordsmanship, and she's steadily building a portfolio on git for her tools. She consistently brings home As despite never studying to her brother's immense envy. Her natural aptitude is always undermined by her lightheaded attitude and chronic forgetfulness, though. She always loses to peer pressure, too. She's a natural people pleaser and a friend to everyone around her.


She's tall and looks mature for her age, so Tessa ropes her into serving as "chaperon" to mature movies and buying M-rated games. She's also popular with boys, but her mom absolutely forbids dating until college. Her mom also polices her wardrobe but is beginning to lose ground in that argument. She'd only allow simple natural makeup, too, but Angel's never really been interested in adding to her morning routine anyway. She wears lots of sweaters and jeans, especially if she can incorporate rainbows of color. Her thick, long blond hair is her favorite feature, and she is always experimenting with different hairstyles. She also has light green eyes, slightly brighter in hue than her brother, round silver glasses, and freckles near her mouth.