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Dia | means moon | tycoon♀


  • role: mayor, vice president's daughter
  • age: teens
  • birthday: April 16
  • mental: brilliant, manipulative
  • physical: small-chested, dark skin, glass skin, streaked hair in navy and silver, Mexican heritage
  • style: elegant, mix of cultural influences
  • height: 5'4
  • residence: the mayor's mansion
  • likes: accolades, luxuries
  • dislikes: being the least accomplished of her siblings, hard work, guilt, being misunderstood


Under her leadership, Lucrest has prospered beyond reason, being called an economic oasis in the agricultural south. She's taken shortcuts to success, but her results are undeniable. She hopes her father will be proud and her siblings will be jealous.

She has a special class no one else can learn: the Tycoon.


Dia always dresses to intimidate.