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WISE | means knowledgeable | AI⚲


  • role: virtual guide and mascot for a lost civilization
  • age: ???
  • mental: technologically inconceivable processing power
  • physical: holographic. heavy-breasted, drooping oversized glasses, messy hair tangled in her horns, pendulous manner
  • style: customizable
  • height: 6'
  • residence: wherever she can be projected
  • likes: well-formatted requests
  • dislikes: user error
  • notes: lots of presets for color schemes; lots of libraries


At the time of her use, she was a relatively older AI but widely used due to her ease of use, long-term support, and wide availability of libraries and plug-ins. She was originally designed as a virtual assistant for archives and research labs but became commonly seen at festivals and sites of interest. Her civilization was lost somehow, but she is still at her hub, waiting to process requests.

She uses a database provided by the owner to process and answer higher-level questions in the natural language of the user. The owner can manipulate the data in the database to give her some semblance of opinions, but she is intended to be bluntly factual.

She can't be projected more than 3 feet off her hub, so she must be placed very near everything she needs to interact with.


She has voice recognition but also allows for written input via a written language similar to stenography. Everything she says is also displayed as text in holographic chat bubbles. In addition to chat bubbles, she can display all kinds of symbols, emoticons, and images as relevant.

Her natural state is to rest. During extended usage, her posture will droop and her mannerisms will become less animated. If her task is completed or she receives no input for an certain period of time, she will nod off to sleep, displaying a stream of Zzz.