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I awoke suddenly in the darkest hour of the night and knew something was wrong immediately after opening my eyes. I could not turn my head to check the blinking LED clock nor get out of bed. Could I be...paralyzed somehow? With all the strength I could muster, I desperately tried just to move one of my fingers. Any kind of movement would have calmed my nerves, but I couldn't! I was incapable. Scream. Cry out. Cry out for help! With a rush of panic coloring my cheeks, I attempted to fill my lungs to bellow out but couldn't even manage that! My lungs were paralyzed as well; I couldn't breathe! I was going to die right here in my bed!

When my horror had peaked, that's when I noticed a deep glowing crimson out of the corner of my eye. Two ember orbs smiling wickedly at me. I wasn't alone in this. Could these awful creatures have done this to me? Is this all just a dream?

No, it's too realistic to just be a dream...This is far different from a lucid dream. If not that, then what could be happening to me?

That's when I noticed a whole troupe of the creatures scattered about my room. Those awful night fiends saw my complete helplessness and made sport of it. Poking at me and prodding, I felt their claws enter my skin like needles all over my back and arms. Once again I tried to scream, to run, to escape, to get help! Nothing! Helpless and running out of oxygen quickly!

Finally, when I couldn't handle the pain from the night fiends a moment longer, I fainted from lack of oxygen.

The rest of the night was surprisingly peaceful after that otherworldly phenomenon, and I awoke not entirely sure whether or not it actually happened...