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means secret | outsider♂


  • role: floor guardian
  • age: teens
  • birthday: May 25?
  • mental: simple, ignorant but curious, childlike but deep, protective
  • physical: tall, dark hair, red eyes, semi-rigid keratin "horns"
  • style: assembled trash, hand-me-downs
  • residence: the Wilds, an earth crust pocket full of abyssal monsters
  • likes: seclusion, collecting interesting objects
  • dislikes: direct confrontations, cruelty, cats
  • notes: He isn't human. He's like a Canaanite giant or something.


He is a mysterious adolescent boy rescued from the dungeon by Helia, Tessa and Angel. He is listless, gaze-avoidant, and asocial initially, barely able to communicate in English. Over time, he warms up to his new friends and opens his loyal, tender, but usually misguided heart. The girls have a tendency to baby him, but he is more mature and capable than any of them in several ways. Unfortunately, his poor grasp on English, surface culture, and social cues confound any attempts to impress them. Being both trusting and born yesterday is an overbearing temptation for Tessa, and she pranks him relentlessly.

Until his rescue, he was living in the buffer territory between the inner earth and Lucrest Shopping Center. Bless, a dark gray styracosaurus, raised him with a horde of Abyssal beasts. She is fiercely protective of Rune, goring anyone who trespasses in her territory. She's a known threat in the area, and workers take the long way around to avoid her.


He is shockingly tall and white as paper. Even more striking are his empty, red-toned eyes and inky hair that forms semi-rigid keratin "horns" about his crown. He is first found in rags and taped-together trash, living in a kingdom of refuse, but is later lent old hoodies and jeans by Angel.