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Belfry "Bell" Angel | means bell tower | mutant brute♀


  • role:
  • age: ancient
  • birthday: ???
  • mental: dull-witted, pure, black-and-white judgment
  • physical: small, thin, white pigtails, white skin, monstrous claws, digigrade feet, and feathered wings
  • style: nude, wears a purple blind-fold.
  • height: 5'
  • residence: Paragon City
  • likes: justice, action
  • dislikes: debating, planning, subterfuge
  • notes: never without her blind-fold


An unidentified egg excavated from a primordial digsite was sold to a private egg collector then quickly lost behind other more visually impressive specimens in his gallery. Years passed uneventfully until its sudden hatching. She escaped into the night and recently resurfaced in the city. Her technical owner is aware of her whereabouts but is desperately consulting his lawyer team on the best way to cede his liability for her damages or attempt to "collect" her.

She's an enigma to everyone she meets, and it's impressive if you can get more than a one-word response out of her. Coupled with her rigid, forceful ideology and overwhelming power, she can seem like a vengeful revenant or otherworldly paragon. In reality, she's quite childlike in the rigidity of her morality and her ability to reduce complex environments and encounters into a simple symbollic understanding. She's dense as stone. It's easy to mislead her to keep yourself on her good side, but if she ever catches a whiff of duplicity, appealing to mercy won't save you.

She wields a titan maul with inhuman strength in combat, has an absurd healing factor, and can fly for long distances.


Bats flock around the slumped waifish figure, disappearing into the feathers of her dove gray wings. She herself is stark white from head to toe, apart from the beige roan fur that sparsely covers her hooved legs. Her face, apart from a barbed purple blind-fold, has an air of innocence and purity, coupled with the often childish ways she styles her long, straight white hair.