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Freya | means noble | dervish♀


  • role: lackey to the true hero, Kormir
  • age: 28
  • birthday: August 3
  • mental: graceful, takes initiative, loyal
  • physical: tall, fit, dark skin, long wavy white hair, deep brown eyes
  • height: 5'8
  • style: ornamented, unexpected colors, twirling skirts
  • residence: Kamadan, Istan
  • likes: justice, dancing, the desert at night
  • dislikes: hypocrisy, bureaucracy, delays


My Nightfall character in Guild Wars! Dervish is such a unique class that got so many magic-only players to play melee. I played her for hundreds of hours and never saw another Dervish in yellow primeval. Everyone always dyes theirs black.


Freya always has a flowing grace about her, from her elegant pose to her loose, bouncy hair.