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Fifi | means God gives | Witch♀


  • role: singer, entertainer
  • age: mid 30s
  • birthday: I forgot
  • mental: natural aptitude for music, creative, histrionic
  • physical: thin, delicate, wispy blonde hair worn in elaborate hairstyles, weak blue eyes
  • height: 6'
  • style: pastels, lots of visual texture and luxurious materials, velvet, fur, dupioni
  • residence: shared residence with her husband and baby, Rodolphe, and Bijoux.
  • likes: performing on her own schedule, the fashion industry, makeup artistry
  • dislikes: cooking, people being loud when her baby is sleeping, writer's block
  • notes: She's below average height for a sim; barely ever leaves house without makeup


She has been steeped in music her whole life, with her brother reliably bringing home records of new bands and emerging genres. It wasn't long before her and some neighborhood friends started their own band. Her unique singing voice like the chirping of songbirds or the ping of a harp captured a lot of attention. Her candid lyrics captured what people felt but couldn't say. She quickly outshone her fellow members, a vocalist stolen from band to band, getting to travel all over the country. After a decade, she began to lose her footing with younger audiences, though she still has a very dedicated older fan base. She's content with this shift because it affords her more time at home to raise her baby.


She's thin and has delicate, sunken features with a narrow jaw. Her blonde hair is thin and wispy, and she usually wears it tied back or in updos. She's extremely involved in the fashion industry, frequently attending shows and lending her face to campaigns. Naturally, her closet is dominated by luxury brands, all gifts from her designer and model friends. Her style is distinct, consisting of ballet pinks, blues, and creamy whites, with soft piled textures covering highly structured garments. She has with no hesitation in wearing ostentatious furs and shoulder pads. Her makeup is wild, covering her entire eye socket and tops of her cheekbone in baby blue, applies long thin straight falsies, using shocking white lipstick, using contour gray as a blush color. Usually, she'll wear concealer lips and only overdo one feature, but she feels no qualms about going all out.