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  • role: intern
  • age: late 20s
  • birthday: March 7
  • mental: fast learner, reserved
  • physical: small, boyish, blonde hair, pink eyes
  • style: dresses and skirts made of silks, chiffons, and taffetas
  • height: 5'3
  • residence: renting a room with Helba
  • likes: raising pets
  • dislikes: her boss
  • notes: looks young for her age, glasses with thick frames


They promise Silke training and opportunities for promotion, and she always gives her best to no reward. She has done data entry and taken calls for about every industry. Instead of being able to see her 'butts in seats' jobs for what they are and adjusting her expectations, she soldiers on, overworking herself fruitlessly.

Her parents were never really present in her life and kicked her out as a teenager, so she only knows self-reliance and perseverance, odd skills for office work. Her quiet, unassertive nature makes her easy to overlook, and while she has a calming presence, she hasn't had a genuine friendship since high school. She is rigidly professional at all times, afraid of offending someone. She's hopeful her meticulously organized faxes will someday impress her manager into letting her sit in on the dev ops meetings and lead her to a real job.


She has a boyish build, big pink eyes hidden behind her thick frames, and blonde hair, usually worn up with cute hair accessories. Her ultimate outlet is dressing up in excessively feminine clothes, draping herself in lace, chiffon, tulle, and silk taffeta. She owns way too many dresses and pink blushes. She also loves unwind by playing with her two pets, Genie and Emme.