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Chloe Adele McIntyre | means blooming | disciple♀


  • role: church orphan
  • age: teens
  • birthday: February 7
  • mental: reserved, struggles in school
  • physical: short, curvy, thick short green hair with an asymmetical cut
  • style: voluminous clothes, blues and reds
  • height: 5'
  • residence: the house behind the local church
  • likes: reading, Toph, hiking
  • dislikes: her complicated family situation, being left out


A changeling baby neglected by her parents and taken in by Brother Van at an early age. She's an awkward but tender girl, spending long hours every day haunting the corridors of the church, silently doing her chores. She loves Van like a father and relies on him for moral guidance and learning how to pray. In thanks, she has taken over preparing community meals, managing the library, and takes care of children during service. Overcommitment is an issue for her, and it wrecks her ability to focus at school. Van tries his best to help her study, but nothing ever seems to stick.

She's trained in all manners of bows and blades, but she's not particularly adept at fighting.


She's short with deep teal hair, pale blue eyes, and light skin. She always swallows her body up in billowing robes and dresses out of insecurity. Her body's so small it looks kind of silly, though, so to balance it out on top, she wears berets and oversized bows. She's a daily makeup wearer, trying to round her wide eyes with eyeliner and narrow her lips by lining the corners in nude in a Sisyphean effort. Her wardrobe is simple, consisting of a few maxi dresses, robes, long blouses, and jumper skirts with deep pleating, showered with pops of solid blue, red, black, and gray.