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Lune Marine | means moon | usually human♀


  • role: persona
  • age: same as me:)
  • birthday: November 28
  • mental: bright, optimistic
  • physical: white peek-a-boo hair, gold eyes, cute
  • style: feminine, neutrals, gold jewelry
  • height: 5'1
  • residence: Isle of the Dead, Akarios Village
  • likes: cats, her pet Necrid Horseman, powertrading
  • dislikes: fish


My persona! She's been made in about every 00s-early 10s MMO out there. Her signatures are her cool-toned, almost lavender-toned white hair, amber eyes, short stature, and sunny disposition. She's linked with water and the moon. She has a ton of backstories, but her earliest version is as an Ascalonian girl, training under Munne to become a catacombs groundskeeper and votive candle-maker. She'll always be a Guild Wars girl at heart!


Her favorite colors to wear are brown, white, and black. If she wears makeup, it's usually brown or gold tones. She also usually has short, straight hair with peek-a-boo bangs.

She had a frizzy brunette phase for a few years because I convinced myself creative interpretations and personas are cringy, and I ought to pick something more natural and closer to myself. Maybe personas are cringy, but whatever. OCs and art are a healthy outlet for stress. My creative outlet matters way more to me than some arbitrary standard of coolness. So her brunette phase is an important part of her journey, but her true self has white hair, whatever that means lol.