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means fraternity | Shadow Tundra♂ | theme: orpheus odyssey - legends on strings


  • role: traveling bard
  • age: early 30s (equivalent)
  • birthday: May 24
  • mental: light-hearted, clever
  • physical: tall, chubby, dove gray hair, purple eyes
  • style: fine furs, fine charmeuse, fine chains of precious metal
  • height: 12'4 tall, 9'5 wingspan / 6' (human)
  • residence: The Dancing Butterfly Inn in Blacksand Annex, Ashfall Waste
  • likes: music 24/7, playing dumb, playing devil's advocate, luxury and creature comforts
  • dislikes: being forced to work during a mental block, an overly serious tone, questions about his mask
  • notes: never without his mask


Abbey is Lise's favorite traveling bard, so she keeps him perpetually on the Butterfly's Dance payroll. He's a master of the lyre, though he has a wide arsenal of string and brass proficiencies to supply his evening performances, which span from ballads of the First Age to reenactments of the Night of the Nocturne to flambebe limericks.

He never removes his mask. He even sleeps in it. He plays it off like a quirk, but he has never been seen without it. That fact plus his distance from his homeland spur rumors, but they can only be taken as seriously as people view him.

Most of his acts are performed off the cuff, and, in lieu of serious preparation, he spends much of his day napping, snacking while reading, or improvising music. He stays well-versed in current events and pop culture, so he identifies guests of renown at once and loves to listen and learn what they have to say.


He's a chubby dove gray dragon with an incredibly thick coat that only grows thicker during winter months. Most of his body is covered in platinum-colored fur that lightens as it reaches his tail and legs. A skink-like striped pattern runs from the sides of his neck, all the way down his tail. His fins, which extend like horns from behind his ears and his feet are dark. His wings, mane, and tuft at the end of his tail are smokey gray and flecked with black like hawk feathers. His face is always covered in a white mask, his eyes outlined in red. He loves to adorn himself in chains from fine metal, feathers, and fur.