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Calder | means wild waters | Arcane Coatl♂


  • role: runaway mage, tavern debtor, mire flyer
  • age: late 20s
  • birthday: April 9
  • mental: brilliant, undisciplined, explosive temper
  • physical: average height, well-built, sickly complexion, long wavy blond hair, pale pink eyes
  • style: bare chest, flowing silks
  • height: 24'5 tall, 28' wingspan / 5'7 (human)
  • residence: The Dancing Butterfly Inn in Blacksand Annex, Ashfall Waste
  • likes: having his ego stroked, winning
  • dislikes: any criticism, making accomodations for other people, sitting still for too long
  • notes: basically a genderswapped Qara. He has a quiet girlfriend, Avonlea.


Calder's temper is fiery in the literal sense. He has a genius aptitude for arcane magic but a blasé disregard for its effects or proper study. Despite being the headmaster's son, his disdain for the less adept and explosive attitude made him distinctly unpopular with his teachers and fellow acolytes. His father could only shield him from the consequences of his actions for so long, however. Outright setting fire to the university after a clash with a group of students was a crime judged by a jurisdiction higher than the board of directors.

Calder, now disowned and summoned to a court heavily stacked against him, had nothing to lose. Before tucking his tail and running, he burned down the courthouse. He traveled to the Ashfall Waste, where they surely are less sensitive about petty fire fights. It turns out the Fire Flight is even less impressed by conflagration. He now lives in debt to Lise, matron proprietor and lead dancer of the Butterfly's Dance, after accidentally burning the exterior of her tavern.


His strong, masculine features offset his delicate, pale skin and pastel pink eyes. His hair is just as fair, and he wears it long and wavy despite a lifetime of elders telling him to keep it short.

He has a great body and knows it, taking every chance to show it off. He wraps himself in charmeuse, feathers, and flowers. His conscientiousness doesn't match the fineness of his materials, though, so others will occasionally remark on burn marks and melted accessories.