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Aristen | means the best | mystic♀


  • role: martial artist, soldier of fortune
  • age: mid 20s
  • birthday: May 8
  • physical: slightly tall, rock hard muscles, massive arms, curvy, dark auburn hair, blue eyes
  • style: uniforms, loves scarfs and belts
  • height: 5'6
  • residence: Heidel
  • likes: structure, self-improvement, fishing
  • dislikes: clutter, people without honor, when guys are intimidated by her
  • notes: effortlessly beautiful at all times, even after long hikes and traveling without a bath


My Black Desert Online main! The community and gear system ruin what is one of the best tycoon and life skilling MMOs, so I didn't play it for very long. I still adore Aristen, though.

She's an honest and direct person who won't betray her core values of loyalty, submission towards authority, and denial of the flesh. Her Spartan lifestyle borders on asceticism. She lives off the land. Though her body is shaped by extreme discipline, she isn't necessarily the wisest person. She's always falling into the "work harder, not smarter" fallacy, leading to comical blunt-force solutions for her jobs.


Her quiet femininity contrasts with her titanic arms and powerful thighs. (I maxxed out the arm muscularity and arm thickness sliders.) Perplexingly, despite all her muscle mass, she's retained an hourglass figure, which she attributes to a lifetime of wearing belts. She always presents herself with excellence, wearing a meticulously perfected coral monochromatic face of makeup to set off her pale eyes, deep auburn hair, and glassy skin. Through experience, it wears gracefully even through sweat and heat. Her wardrobe is purely functional, consisting entirely of training and ceremonial uniforms, especially those that pair well with belts and scarves. Her favorite colors to wear are orange and jade.