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Edward "Night" Lusk | means dark | chemist♂


  • role: pharmacist
  • age: teens
  • birthday:
  • mental: genius, haughty, instrumental love
  • physical: short, thin but without muscles, dark hair, light blue eyes, pale
  • style: relatively formal, lots of suit jackets and vests with pops of bold colors
  • height: 5'5
  • residence: a house above his office
  • likes: compliments, pride in his appearance,
  • dislikes: situations beyond his control, owing favors


A natural-born genius who quit high school early to pursue apprenticeships at capital hospitals. Then, just as he was offered to study at one of the top research hospitals in the nation, his grandparents' health rapidly deteriorated. He had to rescind the offer and return home to spend his last moments when them, prepare the final paperwork, and decide what to with himself, his orphaned brother Milo, and the property. The mayor Dia has been trying to take over as much of the "adult" work as possible to give him space to mourn and spend time with his baby brother. She's also set him up with a little pharmacy in town, waiving rent for now.


Though mature for his age, he's short. He's headstrong and particular about his things, wearing his hair long and frequently covering his eyes, never using his real name for anything, and overdressing no matter the occasion. Paired with his snarky, cynical, conceited attitude, he has always been distinctly unpopular. The nearest doctor was previously half a county away, though, so the pharmacy was bound to succeed no matter who was running it. At work, though, he is strictly professional, his training and lost opportunity always pressing on his mind.

He has an extreme complexion, with dark hair but light blue eyes. He's vampirically pale, abhorring any time spent outside or exercising. His wardrobe is all neutrals with bold pops and relaxed fits - brown corduroy, navy monk-cloth, striped silk surah, vibrant sweater vests, and dress shirts in every color. Tessa's mom made her alter every single one of Night's jackets for practice, so they all fit like a glove.