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means sun | union♀


  • role: transfer student
  • age: teens
  • birthday: whenever
  • mental: kind of rude and antisocial
  • physical: short, blonde front ponytail with chunks of burgundy and flaming orange, hot pink eyes
  • style: DIY fashion
  • height: 5'1
  • residence: with her uncle in a foreign country
  • likes: urban exploration, DIY everything,
  • dislikes: asking for help, being asked if her eye color is real
  • notes: her natural hair color is auburn


Helia is being sent to live in a foreign country with an uncle she hasn't seen since she was a toddler. Worse, he's barely ever at home. Fortunately, despite having a culture shock, she makes friends easily in this small town of Lucrest.

Early on, Tessa dares her to sleep in the haunted shopping center overnight. It turns out the place has a strict curfew with rumors of strange lights, sounds, and slime monsters bubbling up from the ground. Helia finds that to be true and more, stumbling upon an entire dungeon beneath the city, populated with multiple fantasy races and nations. There's dark secrets and political intrigue and all that, but her most mysterious recovery is an abandoned horned boy with otherworldly powers - Rune.


She's short, slender, and flat as a pancake. She uses dark pink contacts so habitually that her friends don't remember what her natural eye color is. She also dyes her hair at home, hiding chunks of fiery orange and burgundy under her blonde hair. She's a high ponytail girl, wearing it so high, it usually falls over the side of her face. To let the hot pink and fiery colors shine, everything in her closet is black-adjacent - deep purple, forest green, navy, and blood red - and she enjoys DIYing detailed accents like corset lacing, reverse applique, and using found objects as buttons or charms.