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Chandra | means shining | prophet♀


  • role: prophetess
  • age: 14
  • birthday: June 12
  • mental: strong-willed, deeply convicted, active
  • physical: short, slight muscle tone, medium skin, short blonde bob, one blue eye and one orange eye
  • height: 5'
  • style: practical, lightweight, pale or natural colors
  • residence: Van's ship
  • likes: time spent with others, travel, childish things
  • dislikes: deaf ears, anxious people, controlling people


Chandra comes from a long line of prophets, and she was called at a young age.

Hello Traveler, an excerpt about Chandra


Chandra is a lively young girl, always dressed for going on journeys. She keeps her blonde hair short and easy to manage and spends very little time on her personal appearance, prioritizing her work and the needs of others.