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Katherine | means pure | girl♀


  • role: dreamer
  • age: 19
  • birthday: February 4
  • mental: reserved, introspective, lonely
  • physical: slightly tall, thin, pale, short wavy brunette hair, pale lilac gray eyes
  • height: 5'5
  • style: feminine, simple outfits with a preference for purple, neutral makeup
  • residence: a studio apartment in a small town
  • likes: sentimental items, beautiful things, escapism
  • dislikes: realists, being misunderstood


Katherine is a dreamer, always lost in some fantasy.

Home, an excerpt about Katherine


Katherine is a dreamy, languid girl who only wears lightweight gowns and slip dresses because they are the easiest to lounge in. Her brown hair is never styled, but she keeps it short for comfort. Her eyes change color depending on what she is wearing, so she prefers to wear lots of purple for a gentle lilac color.