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Vespida Bijoux | means jewel | fairy♀


  • role: policeman
  • age: 20s (equivalent)
  • birthday: I never remember to check in Sims ;-;
  • mental: mischevious, spiteful, fun-loving
  • physical: thin, black hair with honey brown streaks tied back in a bun, onyx black skin, black wasp wings
  • style: sharp, sophisticated outfits
  • height: 6'2
  • residence: crashing at Aloin + Fifi's pad
  • likes: dancing to music, pulling pranks, other fairies
  • dislikes: sleeping, silence, humans


No one really knows much about Bijoux, even her roommates. She works as a beat cop and stays out late at fairy house parties all night.

She's an excessively unpleasant person. When she's home, she is either complaining loudly about humans or casting fairy tricks on random men.


She's a lithe woman with a huge toothy grin at her face at all times. Despite her refusal to take anyone or anything seriously, she grooms herself with meticulous attention to detail. Her hair is neatly tied back in a bun at the nape of her neck, not a strand out of place, and her outfits are impeccable.