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Bless | means protection from God | styracosaurus♀


  • role: wilds queen, mother
  • age: ancient
  • birthday: ???
  • mental: tender and motherly with her family, brutal and cold with outsiders
  • physical: heavy black scaled beast with horns and a heart-shaped shield, red eyes
  • height: 5'8
  • residence: the wilds between the Slime Kingdom and ancient ruins
  • likes: family, peace
  • dislikes: humans


Bless is queen of the wilds and forever surrounded by her horde of abyssal beasts. Her most precious underling is Rune, a newborn earth angel she took in and raised as her own. She is fiercely protective of him and fights invaders tooth and claw, earning the entire area a reputation for being too dangerous to develop.


She's more or less a regular dark gray styracosaurus, so long as you accept the giant lizard interpretation of dinosaurs.