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Name | means magical friend | Witch♂


  • role: husband, father, emperor of evil
  • age: late 30s
  • birthday: keep forgetting to check in the Sims ;-;
  • mental: brilliant mind, loves puzzles, genuine and enthusiastic
  • physical: average height and build, unusual bent features, no eyebrows, glasses
  • height: 6'5
  • style: Understated but luxurious, goofy accessories
  • residence: some Sims house
  • likes: time with family, mastery of black magic, elaborate plots, chess
  • dislikes: fake magicians, zombies, moralizing
  • notes: 6+' is average height for a sim


He's an evil genius, with a startling IQ and repertoire of spells, which he has mastered through decades of playing with magic. Evil is a deep part of who he is, and it marks every part of his life, from taking evil showers in the morning to taking evil slumber at night. He was meant to be a Saturday morning cartoon villain, but his wife Fifi and newborn son softened his heart. He still pursues evil, but it's a gentler form. He works with one of the more stable criminal organizations in town. His wife Fifi is fully supportive, and her fame as a celebrity has been instrumental in pulling off some of his jobs, especially earlier on in his career when he was less fettered. His wife makes enough money off of brand deals for them both to retire, but evil is a passion job for him.


He has unique features to say the least, with a squared forehead, complete lack of eyebrows, sloping orbital bones, pronounced nostrils. He usually wears his black hair shaved, but sometimes he grows it out long on the top. He wears glasses but usually leaves them at home. Dramatic changes and costumes are part of his lifestyle at this point, so his family doesn't even comment anymore.