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Aries Xavier Newman | means ram | weaponmaster♂ 


  • role: student
  • age: teens
  • birthday: March 18
  • mental: smart, logical, overly blunt, disciplined, egalitarian
  • physical: average, toned, very pale, very short fair hair, pale green eyes
  • height: 5'7
  • style: bold colors, color blocking, active wear
  • residence: Mom's house with his sister in Lucrest, Nickajack
  • likes: elaborate pranks, being the best, getting his work done early
  • dislikes: people who can't take a joke, people who need permission all the time, liars


Twin brother of Angel, but they are anything but in sync. Angel is pretty sensitive, so Aries's neglect to coat anything in sugar drives her crazy. He's opinionated and not afraid to say what's on his mind at any given time. He also loves to play devil's advocate just to mess with people.

His fighting style is light and flexible with pistols and daggers as his weapons of choice. He also enjoys archery as a hobby. He takes self-defense training seriously and devotes 3-4 afternoons a week to the gym. The rest of the week, he spends at least an hour or two studying by himself or tutoring Chloe.


He's tall and lean with gentle features, pale skin, spiky blond hair, and eyes so green they are almost white. He keeps himself well-groomed, never letting his hair grow out, and maintaining a minimal but consistent skincare routine.

Honestly, one of his biggest fears is aging. He got started on sunscreen at a young age, since he sunburns like an x-ray fish. He keeps his arms and legs covered even in the summer. Athletic wear dominates his closet, dressing in an endless array of jackets and joggers with color-blocking in bold navies, reds, golds, and whites.