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Chim-choo-ree | means make-believe bird | elysian ranger♀ | theme: Joanna Newsom - Emily


  • role: ranger, athletic model
  • age: teens
  • birthday: November 25
  • mental: consistent, not smart but not dumb
  • physical: extremely tall and thin, freckled medium skin, light brown hair, seafoam green eyes
  • style: pastels, challis, rayon, robes, kimonos, maxi dresses
  • height: 10'
  • residence: Oriel, Elysea
  • likes: creature comforts, shopping
  • dislikes: comparing herself to others
  • notes: floral henna tattoos


As a scout, she wanted to become an assassin, but she's had to come to terms with her physique being ill-suited for close-range dagger combat. Unfortunately, she's just okay at archery, and that's when she can find equipment that accommodates her long arms. Dreams of standing out as an archer are just as far out-of-reach as assassin work ever was.

Nevertheless, she is showered in athletic modeling deals, while her talented friends are overlooked. She gets to travel to all the major archery competitions and practice archery in short art films, but she knows in her heart that this is all thanks to her looks, not her skills. She tries to look at her physique as a hidden blessing or backdoor, but it can be pretty humiliating when she gets side-eyed by judgy girls with far better aim than she'll ever have.

She's trained in all manners of bows and blades, but she's not particularly adept at fighting.


She has seafoam green eyes, light brown hair, and freckled medium skin. Her lid space is ridiculous. The left side of her face is decorated with a large floral tattoo made with a dye similar to henna. She's a habitual mascara user and always covers her buns with silks and ribbons.

As for her body, she's tall. Basically, I maxed or mined every slider in Aion - max neck length, max arm length, max height, max leg length, max foot length, min thickness. The meta in Aion is to create the smallest possible character for stealth, so she is a sequoia among men. Also, the animations are the same for all characters, so everything she does is extremely sluggish and premeditated. (It takes a while for neural signals to reach her limbs.)

Sanctum couturiers often want her to model postmodern and anti-fashion designs, but she is a natural model and adapts well to anyone who wants to work with her. Her favorites will always be the cute frilly ruffly stuff, though.