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blessfrey games

I've been making games since high school, and sometimes I actually release them. Most are in Godot Engine, but since I make games as a way of learning to program, I have games floating around out there in git in lots of languages.

Also check out my game design document and feature requirement pages to learn about my games-in-progress.

no-legs the cat

NLtC game guide

Poltics Cat lost his legs!! Push him around using WASD to find them. Eat any breakfasts you can find along the way!

In case it isn't obvious, this is a crude maze constructed from the infamous 'godot heads'. Click the game to make it active then control kitty using W A S D or arrow keys to find all three breakfasts and his missing legs. His breakfast counter is in the top-right corner. After you win, you can continue to wander the maze aimlessly. Refresh the page to start over.

His real life counterpart has food anxiety or something, so he likes to have both his meals as early as possible in the day, hence "two breakfasts." A few times, he bamboozled us into thinking he hasn't been fed yet for a bonus THIRD breakfasts! (Bad cat.)

This game was released July 15, 2022.

small thing that makes things

STTMT game guide

Play as the accountant of an overcrowded shelter on the edge of bankruptcy. Government grants and private donors have failed you. Now, you must get your feet on the ground and uncover the truth of the recent explosion of the local stray population.

Made for Weekly Game Jam 85 hosted by Retro Indie Josh and streamed on his twitch. It's a shallow adventure platformer without much challenge, but it does have two endings. When you fall in the cave, you can jump on some of the stones in the background. It is VERY low contrast on every screen but the one I made it on. I promise you can escape, no matter how impossible it seems. Jump by faith and you will make it.

This game was released March 1, 2019.

Controls. I only tested keyboard and maaybee XBOX 360.

  • Up - W, Up Arrow, Up stick
  • Left - A, Left Arrow, Left Stick
  • Down - S, Down Arrow, Down Stick
  • Right - D, Right Arrow, Right Stick
  • Interact - Space, XBOX A, PS X
  • Jump - E, XBOX Y, PS triangle