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blue planet

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Basically, I love the Girls Mode DS games and want to make my own. This is a prototype, but it'd be cool if there were lots of clients with a preference profile that you learn over time through their requests and responses. And lots of clothes with internal style tags that correspond to their needs and aesthetics. Girls Mode also has a lifesim where you make money from your stylist job that you can spend on your room and dates and stuff, but that's outside of my scope.

Most old Western dressup games were mechanically simple - just dress up a croquis and screenshot your art. The Diva Starz dressup game was kinda like my concept, though. The girls would request an outfit for a party or new winter clothes or something, then you could style the girls however you want and either meet their expectations or make them complain. It was a doll game, so of course the "win/lose" conditions were pretty shallow, but the girls' ability to evaluate the vibe and appropriateness of an outfit made up of so many options blew my mind as a kid. Honestly, Animal Crossing is the only other game I've encountered like this. Gigi some

This prototype was released July 26, 2019.

Controls ... Just click on stuff with your mouse or finger.


  • coding + art by chimchooree
  • Hosting: itch.io
  • Tools: Godot Engine 3.5.3, GraphicsGale, Krita
  • Thumbnail Font: XOX by Aaron Amar