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blessfrey gdd - armor-rating

The overall value of your gear, used in calculating damage absorption.

what is the impact of AR?

Every 40 points of armor rating cuts 50% of non-armor ignoring damage and every loss of 40 doubles that damage. 100 AR takes half the damage of AR 60 and twice the damage of AR 140.

how do I calculate my armor rating?

By default, it is 3 * character's level + MAX(the equipped gear's AR or the armor automatically bestowed by certain jobs).

When a character is hit, that strike is directed to one piece of gear. AR is not cumulative. Only the AR of the struck piece matters when calculating damage absorption.


Natural Armor: Depending on your job, you may naturally have some "armor." Just imagine some people are tougher. Armsman has 20, and Tamer and Brawler have 10.

Gear: Equipped armor pieces have AR.