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blessfrey gdd - job

Defines the playstyle available to the character through associated skills, perk, and attributes. Your choices generally describe the kind of person you are and your approach to social interaction, puzzle-solving, combat, and life.

Most of the enemy NPCs will have the same jobs available to the player, so the player will learn both to use and defend against the same skills.

There are six standard jobs available to the player, but more can be discovered during gameplay.

The basic jobs are...

The rest of the jobs, whether they were ever used or not, are...


A character can have a job and a side gig. All associated skills and attributes will be available to the character from both jobs. This mix of playstyles defines a custom multiclass and lets players be creative. An Armsman/Disciple can be played like a paladin or cleric, a Hacker/Brawler can be played like a spy or assassin, and a Chemist/Tamer can poison his arrows using field medicine.

Perks are a special attribute. Only jobs come with perks. It bestows a constant boon on the character, which increases in power as the perk is increased. Although a character cannot increase a gig's perk's value or gain its boon, he will have access to all the perk's associated skills, albeit at their lowest effectiveness.


A character has a $Jobs node that contains all jobs as children. Information about its job, gig, and perk and attribute values are stored in this scene.

The $Jobs node has exported String variables first_job and first_gig for startup. Later, the jobs should be loaded from a save file, etc.