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call me chimchooree.

I'm a developer from the USA and like to show off my projects here. I dabble in Python, Java, Angular, Godot Engine, and HTML5+CSS, but I sew clothes, draw, and write, too.


I wouldn't mind hearing from you.

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other projects

  • . blessfrey.me - The most obvious, this very portfolio and blog website. It is coded in Bottle: Python, SimpleTemplate, and HTML+CSS. Any embedded applications are probably be HTML5.
  • ☆ Cat Store - Java, text-based cat breeding and cat show life sim.
  • itch.io (chimchooree) and GitLab (chimchooree) for micro games and general coding projects.
  • ★ OCs from gamedev projects, creative writing, and games are stored in the characters page.
  • OotD and MotD looks are periodically shared in my diary.