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Fact Sheet

  • Description: Build synergies across your skillbar and team to survive the local downtown dungeon.
  • Developer: chimchooree, US indie dev
  • Genre: Singleplayer Action RPG
  • Release Date: Spring 2030
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux, HTML5
  • Engine: Godot Engine
  • Website: blessfrey.me
  • Price: $874.99 USD
  • Press Contact: find me IRL
  • Social: taking a social media break but should try Mastodon, HIVE more seriously


In active development, Blessfrey is the first commercial game by US-based indie game developer chimchooree.

Blessfrey is a 2D action RPG set in a rural southern town riddled with secret tunnels and dungeons. The dual-class and skillbar building systems are inspired by Guild Wars 1 and Magic: The Gathering and emphasize player skill, personal expression, and experimentation. Delve deeper under the town by discovering new skills, building synergies within your skillbar, and recruiting AI teammates. Bosses, puzzles, and a secret world await.


  • Try tens of possible dual-class combinations
  • Experiment with lots of skillbar combinations
  • Freely relocate skill points and swap out skills in safe zones
  • Learn new skills through themed exploration and gameplay. No skill shops nor UI skill trees
  • Explore an above ground rural town and an underground world populated by fantasy species


Chimchooree has a programming and art background, studying both in school and at home since she was a kid. Her five favorite videogames are Oblivion, Guild Wars 1, Arcanum, Divine Divinity, and Anachronox. Keep up with her activity on her dev diary.



I'll link social media, etc, later.


  • Code: chimchooree, husband
  • Art: chimchooree
  • Design: chimchooree, husband
  • Engine: Godot Engine
  • Full Credits


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