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blessfrey gdd - proxemics

Generally, proxemics refers to the study of the relationship between social beings and physical distance. Since spatial distance in Blessfrey (and all games) varies wildly due to distortion of physical proportions and angles, I am addressing the mechanical distance, i.e. the reach of a weapon, the distance from which an item can be picked up, and earshot. Relative distances are modeled after Edward T. Hall's interpersonal distances of man: public, social, personal, and intimate distance.

I like the implication of a generalized "personal bubble" instead of the solely combat-oriented "aggro bubble" of other RPGs. It's so unfortunate that the pandemic was everyone's introduction to proxemics. I don't really wanna change it, but I kinda cringe when I hear "social distance" now. Whatever, I guess.

(chart: concentric rings. From outer to inner, public space is 25-12', social space is 12-4', personal space is 4-1.5', and intimate space is 1.5' or less.)

(image by WebHamster for Wikipedia)

Distances are declared in the mobile entity's mobile.gd. I...don't know what Godot units are supposed to be. I think they are pixels? Let's call them degrees(❥). I estimate 1❥ to equal ~2.5 social inches.

extrapersonal distance

public distance

social distance

personal distance

intimate distance