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blessfrey gdd - game mechanics

documenting Blessfrey game mechanics

Game mechanics are the rules of the world.

character creation

Players control Helia and develop her character through making decisions. During her first day of school in Lucrest, you will fill out a personal questionnaire and try out the common jobs before choosing one permanently. She will also receive her starter skills and her choice of starter gear and weapon.

job, side job + skills

Her job determines the perk, attributes, and skills available for her. Skills will scale in power according to the amount of attributes assigned to the relevant attribute. She can also take a side job, which will offer more attributes and skills for defining your playstyle. Side jobs are optional and can be changed outside of combat, but they do not offer perks, nor can their perk-related skills be improved.

All acquired skills will be stored in the character's skill library, but only 8 can be equipped onto the skillbar at a time. You must choose carefully and adapt challenge-by-challenge.

To gain more skills and side job offers, you explore the world, gain combat experience, meet characters, and more. She'll encounter a certain system that will guide her to greater development early in the dungeon.

You'll not only develop Helia but a team of friends you meet in town and below, all with jobs, side jobs, and skills for building a viable team.


Blessfrey emphasizes frequent and free adaptation of playstyle. Except for your job, decisions are not permanent. You can change your side job, reallocate attribute points freely, and swap out skills outside of combat. You can do the same for your teammates' builds, and call them in and out of your team freely outside of combat.

Enemies and allies have access to many of the same jobs and skills, so while you learn the offensive advantage of your skills, you will also have to learn to defend against them. You can learn new skills through combat experience, copying techniques.

Death is not a final failure. Characters can resurrect each other. If the entire team dies, they will be revived at the nearest bed of resurrection lillies, able to retry.